‘Very bullish’ on gold – Murenbeeld

SharpsPixley/Lawrie Williams/12-24-2019

graphic image of $1600 superimposed over OZ“Dr. Murenbeeld’s annual gold forecasts are highly rated by followers of the gold market and this writer is among these. While he has yet to come up with his full price forecasts for the 2020 calendar year, we should point out that ‘very bullish’ in his terms is not looking at $5,000 gold or higher as are some of the more bullish commentators, but perhaps somewhere in the $1,600s unless something catastrophic happens globally, in which case anything is possible, but perhaps we wouldn’t want to contemplate this kind of scenario. He has promised an updated price forecast for gold early in the New Year.”

USAGOLD note: Murenbeeld’s analysis is always welcome.  His forecasts usually fall on the conservative side of the ledger.  Last year, as Williams points out, his predictions were right on – an average of $1390 (it looks like it will come in around $1391) and ending the year at $1500.

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