US-China decoupling would spell the end of globalisation and China’s growth story

South China Morning Post/Cary Huang

“In the past couple of decades, nothing has been as prominent in remaking the global economy and reshaping global geopolitics as China’s rise and globalisation. China’s accession into the World Trade Organisation in 2001 – the landmark inception of the world’s most populous nation into the global capitalist system – drove both China’s explosive growth and economic globalisation. In the past year, however, a completely different theme has come to the foreground: decoupling . . . “

Henry Kissinger has warned that the current trade tension between the United States and China are the “foothills of a cold war.”  Huang, a columnist for the Hong Kong newspaper, says what he describes as decoupling is a “US desire”.

Repost from 12-19-2019
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