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Golden Slumbers

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by Kenneth Rogoff

In the third edition of The ABCs of Gold Investing, I make reference to the landmark book, This Time Is Different – Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart with the following observation:

In a later interview with the Financial Times [early 2012], Kenneth Rogoff reveals that ‘one of the reasons that Carmen Reinhart and I hit it off, is that we are both incredibly cynical about governments.’ Though I cannot vouch for the contents of Mr. Rogoff’s investment portfolio, such cynicism, it has been my experience, more often than not beats a path to gold’s door. Reinhart and Rogoff end the preface to the book with this prediction: ‘Unfortunately even before the ink is dry on this book, the answer will be clear enough.  We hope that the weight of evidence in this book will give future policy-makers and investors a bit more pause before next they declare, ‘This time is different.’ It almost never is.”

Dr. Rogoff, as you are about to read, does indeed have a soft spot for gold and for the right reasons. MK



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