Here’s the hard-money call for why the boom in the economy and stock market will continue

MarketWatch/Steve Goldstein/12-9-2019

photo image of stacked Degussa refinery gold bars

“You might think the hard-money, recession-at-every-corner crowd would be predicting an imminent reversal in the stock market given the 20% gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year. Not necessarily. Thorsten Polleit, the chief economist at Swiss metals trader Degussa, explains why he thinks an economic boom will continue, with stock prices also strong.”

USAGOLD note:  The monetary tide raises all boats – until it doesn’t. . . .Polleit, who we cite frequently on this page, goes on to say that when the market comes down, it will come down hard.  The ideal plan is to plan accordingly and not at the very last moment.  Polleit is a staunch advocate of a long-term position in physical gold.

Image courtesy of DegussaGoldHandel

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