December Special Offer

Photo of 1878S $20 Liberty in PCGS container, December 2019 Special Offer

$20 Liberty Type II 1875-S PCGS AU58
AGW: .9675 oz –– Quantity Available: 50

Rationale:  Use the link below, or by clicking the image above, to view a more complete rationale, but some quick highlights: Only 820 1875-S $20 Liberties have achieved grade AU58 according to PCGS and only 1375 have been graded higher, yet these are being offered at a $15 per coin discount to standard $20 Liberty gold coins – an undeniable ‘value-add’ opportunity.

In lieu of additional details on these coins specifically, we thought we’d offer a little market analysis along with this month’s special offer.  We found this to be an interesting – and timely – analysis.  Look at the following dates in which gold bottomed in the fourth quarter over the last four years, and the subsequent gains realized by the end of January of the ensuing year.

Low in gold prices: December 2nd – Price of gold: $1053.00
Price January 31st, 2016: $1118.00
Gain: 6.2%

Low in gold prices: December 15th – Price of gold: $1128
Price January 31st, 2017: $1210
Gain: 7.2%

Low in gold price: December 11th – Price of gold: $1241.00
Price January 31st, 2018: $1345
Gain: 8.3%

Low in gold price: October 8, but within $14 of the low on November 27th – Price of gold $1200 (Oct), $1214 (Nov)
Price January 31st, 2019: $1321
Gain: 8.8% (Nov), 10% (Oct)

Can you see the pattern?  It goes without saying that past performance in no way guarantees future performance, but the trend is unmistakeable – and accelerating – with each year’s performance from the 4th quarter low to the end of January providing admirable and increasing returns.  And with gold pulling back roughly $100 from the highs seen in August (including $15 today), one has to wonder if it isn’t setting up perfectly for a repeat.

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