Silver sideways rest of 2019, but 2020 could be ‘a completely different story’

Seeking Alpha/Andrew Hecht

graphic image of silver queen chess piece “Silver is a highly speculative precious metal. Over the past four decades, the price climbed to the $50 per ounce level twice, once in 1980 and again in 2011. A continuation in the bull market in gold would likely cause a herd of buyers to flock to the silver market. At around the $17 per ounce level at the end of last week, the silver market was laying the in reeds and waiting for the next event or move in gold that will propel the price higher.”

USAGOLD note:  We spend so much time on gold that we sometimes forget its volatile trading companion.  Here Andrew Hecht lays out the case for silver in 2020.

Repost from 11-27-2019

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