Joshua Rotbart discusses gold as an investment with Pearl Magazine


graphic image of the five prime reasons to own gold – store of value, safe haven, the fundamentals, diversify portfolio and contrarianism & value
“The common wisdom is anything between three to ten percent [as a portfolio diversification] – it’s been proven that three to ten percent in one’s portfolio enhances the performance of their portfolio. Having said that, personally, I can tell you I think it should be higher than ten percent, even 15 or 20. The world is very uncertain, and it’s changing. And the more the world is changing, we believe gold will remain a major asset and a very stable asset.”

USAGOLD note:  The level of precious metals’ diversification depends solely on the individual’s perceived need.  The one level that makes little sense given the risks and uncertainties at large is 0%.

Repost from 11-27-2019

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