Speculation, the giant time waster that sucks us in

AdvancingTime/Bruce Wilds/11-6-2019

“Speculationville is where the confident and suave television and news commentators, politicians, and the experts that speak with false authority live, I include the pundits and so-called specialists. Whenever I find myself drawn down the path that leads towards Speculationville I try to stop and ask if the journey ahead has any real merit or payoff. Often the subject we speculate over is a big factor into just how frivolous the effort is. This means I find very annoying the efforts of media, news programs, and talk shows to drag us into huge areas of speculation instead of focusing on facts and important issues.”

USAGOLD note:  An interesting article from Bruce Wilds’ Advancing Time blog. Wilds is a building contractor and manager of commercial and residential properties in the Midwest – an occupation he says anchors his view of “rapidly changing lifestyles” sustained by ‘his hands-on business style, extensive travels, and studies of history, politics, and economics.” What emerges is some basic, down to earth observations and advice. . . . . . .

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