Deflation or inflation: Gold doesn’t care

Gold Eagle/Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony

graphic of black swan on gold medallion“In a choice between stable currencies and avoidance of a debt deflation, central banks will weaken their currencies. Therefore, the title of this article: Will we get inflation (as currencies are intentionally devalued) or deflation or both at once? We don’t pretend to know. Gold, as the only universally accepted instrument of final settlement and as a physical element in the Periodic Table that cannot be printed, does not care.”

USAGOLD note: Gold is the investment for all seasons – inflation, deflation, disifinflation, stagflation, hyperinflation – and the occasional black swan or even flock of black swans. I appreciated the first sentence of this opinion piece which starts out:  “In our view, gold investors should settle back with some popcorn and enjoy the coming fireworks . . . .”

Please see: BlackSwansYellowGold How gold performs during periods of deflation, disinflation, stagflation and hyperinflation

Repost from 10-3-2019

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