The 1935-45 analogue

The threat to limit capital flows to China and pending impeachment conflict: Next logical steps in a classic dangerous journey?

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Image of Bridgewater's Ray Dalio“To implement MP3-type monetary policy will require very large fiscal spending and large budget deficits that will have to be funded by a) substantially increased taxes on companies and the rich, and b) the printing of money by central banks and the buying of the debts that are coming from the deficits. Typically, this has led to capital flight as investors seek to escape these things, which has quite often led to capital controls that are intended to keep capital in the country and the currency so that it can more easily be taxed and/or devalued.”

USAGOLD note:   Ray Dalio, who heads up the world’s largest hedge fund, returns to his earlier thesis that we live in times comparable to the period just before World War II. As those who frequent this site already know, he is an advocate of gold ownership.

Repost from 10-2-2019

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