Why Buffett is wrong to dismiss the benefits of gold

Financial Times/Paras Anand/10-1-2019

“Legendary investor Warren Buffett’s much-quoted dismissal of the investment merits of gold is simple: the metal is ‘neither of much use nor procreative.’ But the Oracle of Omaha has got this wrong. Gold is constantly offering useful insights, if you look closely enough.”

USAGOLD note:  When Buffett first made the comments cited in the Financial Times piece linked above, we published the chart shown below. It shows the investment performances of gold and the stock market since 1971 – the time frame most applicable to investors since it encompasses the whole of the modern fiat money era. For the record, gold has appreciated over 3,570% since January 1971, while stocks have appreciated just over 3,100%.

Overaly chart showing gold outperforming the stock market since 1970

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