Silver: Is it time to buy?

ETF Daily News/Taylor Dart/9-17-2019

Photo of Silver American Eagle and silver Canadian Maple Leaf, one ounce“Silver has pulled back 11% from its highs at $19.70/oz. Despite this pullback, bullish sentiment has not budged much, and is currently sitting at 61% bulls based on DSI data. While an oversold bounce is possible, I believe we will likely see a slightly lower low in silver below $17.50/oz, before this correction is completely over.”

USAGOLD note:  Current pricing ($17.87 as this is posted) is not too distant from this analyst’s target. For the longer-term investor, it might make sense to start now rather than waiting for some ultimate target that may or may not be achieved. We offer an affordable storage plan for those who do not take delivery – a good option for the buyer thinking about making a significant purchase.  Too, you can take delivery on some or all of your holdings if so desired down the road. We do quite a bit of business in silver Eagles and Maple Leafs within IRAs. Please give us a call if you would like to learn more. We can walk you through the options. 

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