Tug-of-war grips gold investors reluctant to betray the haven

Bloomberg/Justina Vasquez/9-13-2019

Ed Stein illustration on time preference, short or long term, looking simultaneously at watch and calendar“When you ask Chad Morganlander about the gold market, he wants to talk about The Clash. To him, there’s no better way to describe the tug of war gripping bullion investors than the band’s classic ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go.'”

USAGOLD note:  There will always be speculators with a view to the short term and they will enter and exit positions at the drop of a tweet.  At the same time, there will always be those who accumulate the metal as a long-term hedge and they are likely to ride out the short term fluctuations.  It is also possible that the very same investor who logged profits in the futures market last week might have simultaneously increased his or her stockpile of physical metal for the longer-term. “Should I stay or should I go?”  How about a “Yes” and “Yes”. . .

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