Gold may be heading for decade-long bull phase as memories of US Fed in 2008 evoked

MiningM/David McKay

Image of gold king chess piece“The gold market could be due a major breakout in the coming year as fears escalate the US economy will slide into recession, according to a report by JP Morgan Cazenove. The bank’s gold analysts John Bridges and Siddharth Mishra, writing ahead of the Denver Gold Show, scheduled to begin on September 15, said economic conditions may see gold purchases similar in scope to 2008 when the metal’s price moved through $1,900 per ounce.”

USAGOLD note:  This article goes on to detail Bridges and Mishra’s outlook for the near and longer terms including its concern that the physical supply will diminish during a time of increased demand.

Repost from 9-6-2019

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