Huge cosmic explosions that produce platinum, silver and gold may be more common than previously thought

Newsweek/Aristos Georgiou

Artist depiction of neutron star explosion“‘A kilonova is a flash of light produced by the radioactive debris of a neutron star collision,’ Troja said. ‘During the collision a lot of neutron-rich stuff is spewed into space at a velocity that is 20-30 percent the speed of light. In these extreme conditions something very special happens: neutron star matter turns into gold, silver, platinum, uranium… all the metals heavier than iron are forged in these cosmic collisions.'”

USAGOLD note:  I would not be surprised to see the Wall Street anti-gold crowd use this discovery as a justification to short gold on the COMEX [smile].

NASA image, Spitzer Space Telescope Cassiopeia A – supernova remnant, public domain/WikiMedia Commons

Repost from 10-18-2018

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