Will the printing presses run at ‘such a frenzied pace you will be able to hear them from Mars’?

Zero Hedge/Tyler Durden

“Will equity yields continue to grind lower (PEs higher) in line with US bond yields falling into negative territory, and as the printing presses are started up again and running at such a frenzied pace you will be able to hear them from Mars? Or will, as I suspect, a slide into recession again be accompanied by the bursting of credit and asset bubbles and the ensuing recession be as surprisingly deep as the 2008 GFC?”

USAGOLD note:  The above is a slice of Albert Edwards latest thinking as posted with commentary from Tyler Durden. . . . .Worth the visit.  As Durden reminds us Edwards “called the current move in rates years if not decades ago.”  Of course, one can utilize the opportunity to trade one’s portfolio to the max.  Another option would be to hedge the portfolio, sit back and admire the  monetary helicopters raining money on every city, town and village in the land.

Repost from 9-6-2019

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