Washington and Wall Street need to wake-up to a new reality

photo of China and US flags in meeting room

Washington, Wall Street wake up to reality Beijing is happy to walk away
MarketWatch/Steve Goldstein

Steve Bannon: ‘No chance’ Trump will back down in China trade war
CNBC/Matthew J. Belvedere

China calls for People’s War against the US, fight for a new world
ZeroHedge/Tyler Durden

USAGOLD note:  We group these three articles to make a point. Together they point up how quickly the situation between the US and China has moved from negotiable to intractable. The third tells how China seems to be putting its population on a war footing psychologically – something we found to be particularly relevant at this juncture.  The financial markets may need to make some further adjustments to accommodate this new reality.

Repost from 5-16-2019
New note (9-10-2019): Things haven’t changed much from this May post.  The rhetoric has altered some, but stalemate remains the reality.

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