The dystopian view: Is this the year the world falls apart?

The Sydney Morning Herald/Ambrose Evans-Pritchard/1-8-2019

“This is the year that mounting hammer blows to the Western alliance system and the edifice of global governance threaten to bring the old order tumbling down. . .Pax Americana is unravelling. The transatlantic concord underpinning the West since the Fifties is dying. Nato, the G7, the G20, the WTO and the EU are all in varying degrees of crisis. Vladimir Putin’s Russia has an open goal. ‘Every single one of these is trending negatively. And most in a way that hasn’t been in evidence since the Second World War,’ it said.”

USAGOLD note:  Joseph Schumpeter referred to the process Evans-Pritchard outlines as ‘creative destruction.’ In replacing the old with the new, though, businesses and financial markets are going to be hurt – whole economies potentially tossed against the rocks. One cannot have read yesterday’s reports of the $1 trillion in possible capital flight from London without becoming concerned.

Repost from 1-8-2019

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