Gold – the ‘easy’ part is now behind us

PGC/Peter Grandich

Graphic image of bull, black and white“While many of the remaining ‘gold bears’ and those who claim that ‘gold’s rise is basically behind us’, they are mostly the same folks who said the same at $1,200 and who also claimed that gold was going under a $1,000 too. Words like ‘relic’ were common in their description of gold, and many of them even claimed that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were the ‘new gold’. How’s that working out for them?”

USAGOLD note:  Grandich goes on to say that we are poised for Phase 3 of gold’s bull market “where gold makes it biggest move to a new nominal all-time within 3 years or less.” The reasons behind that forecast comprise the rest of his important story at the link above.

Repost from 8-30-2019

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