How modern monetary theory could spark a new bull cycle in gold

Financial Review/Chad Slater/8-19-2019

Cartoon image of MMT bomb with lit fuse, Modern Monetary Theory“I’ve never been a ‘gold bug’ per se – which Keynes called a ‘barbarous relic’ – but the reality is gold is one of the few asset classes that does well in this scenario. The gold price in the last year is certainly trading like it’s anticipating something in the air as interest rates head below zero. Ray Dalio, the godfather of macro hedge funds, certainly thinks so.”

USAGOLD note:  Did the president signal yesterday that he is a proponent of MMT?  Maybe. A recent Reuters headline says it all: MMT may be Democrats’ economic cure, but only Trump got the memo. This editorial linked above includes a solid intro to Modern Monetary Theory – print money; drop it from helicopters on every city and town in the land.

Repost from 8-20-2019

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