Gold strength will outlast the dollar’s

Seeking Alpha/Clif Droke/8-21-2019

Image of gold king chess piece“The strange persistence of the strong dollar with the rising gold price has puzzled many participants this year. Some are even beginning to suggest that the dollar’s inverse relationship with gold has been broken. In this report, I’ll make the case that what we’ve seen so far this year has been an exception to the rule. The evidence I’ll show here implies that we’re likely to see a divergence between the U.S. currency’s value and the gold price in the coming months. And while the dollar remains strong right now, gold will likely continue to outperform the greenback due to the threats facing the global economy.”

USAGOLD note:  Gold as king of the hill. . . Who would have suggested such a thing six months ago? Given the flow of capital into gold these days globally and the entities responsible for it, you would have to think that something is going on a bit out of the ordinary.

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