The Third World is imploding: An argument for investment in gold

StreetWise Reports/Maurice Jackson interview of Jayant Bhandari

Image of unisphere globe colored gold“Most of these people don’t really understand what is happening outside their boundaries, so they have no option but to buy gold, silver, and currencies of Western countries. And that is why I think support for precious metals will continue to increase going forward. I don’t know what influence it will have in pricing, but really, if I had to suggest to someone on how to preserve his wealth, my suggestion would primarily be focused on gold and silver.”

USAGOLD note:  This is a very enlightening interview for those of us who live in developed economies and do not think much about the thought processes of people living in what we used to call the Third World.  Jayant Bhandari, the founder of Capitalism and Morality, provides some thought-provoking insights that are likely to stick with you for the longer term.

Repost from 7-27-2019

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