USDollar: Finally the achillles heel

Gold Eagle/Jim Willie/8-12-2019

photo of gold kilo bars atop $100 bill“Global gold demand is on the fast rise, due to the perceived bond market and currency market crises. The Jackass [Willie’s newsletter] expects discontinuous upward leaps in the Gold price in the next several months and couple years. That means big jumps overnight, like $100 or maybe $200 per ounce price movement in the Gold price, and like $2 or maybe $5 per ounce price movement in the Silver price. These jumps will come later on, when Gold is over $2000 and Silver is over $30.”

USAGOLD note:  This is an excellent top to bottom piece of analysis on the current state of affairs in the gold and dollar markets and what is likely to influence them in the future.

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