Silver will benefit from America’s debt crisis

Casey Research/Nick Giambruno/8-12-2019

photo of 100 ounce silver bar“You see, the silver market is tiny. It’s roughly one-tenth the size of the gold market. So it’s prone to crisis-driven upside explosions as money floods into it during periods of high inflation. And today, the stage is set for an explosion in inflation. I expect it to kick off a crisis-driven mania into silver like what happened in 1980. Adjusted for today’s prices, that means silver soaring above $160 an ounce… almost 10 times the current price.”

USAGOLD note:  Just because we post it, it doesn’t mean necessarily that we agree with it. Though we think silver has the potential to rise, perhaps even significantly, we are reluctant to project a near ten-bagger.

Image courtesy of DegussaGoldHandel AG

Repost from 8-14-2019

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