Gold as geostrategic asset. The once and future king? – Analysis

EurasiaReview/Jose Miguel Alonso Trabanco

photo of chess, gold king standing amid fallen opposing piece“In terms of grand strategy, the relevance of gold is often underestimated. To a certain extent, this misperception is a consequence of the disdain publicly expressed by some prominent economists. For instance, Lord John Maynard Keynes held that gold was a ‘barbaric relic,’ whereas former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claimed the yellow metal is stockpiled in vaults all over the world merely because of ‘tradition.’ The view that gold is like any other ordinary commodity is utterly reductionist . . .”

USAGOLD note:  Gotta love the title to this article . . .A solid review of gold’s role geopolitically that ends with an important conclusion.

Re-post from 8-9-2019

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