European investors opt for gold

Funds Europe/Nick Fitzpatrick

graphic image of European flags in cluster“A large number of European investors have cited gold as the best investment opportunity over the next 12 months, according to a Legg Mason survey. The survey, which polled the views of over 16,000 investors globally, found that about a quarter of those polled in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK identified gold as an investment opportunity.”

USAGOLD note:  Between the complications with Brexit and the dispute between Brussels and Rome and now the sudden resurfacing of tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Europeans have much to worry about – politically and economically.  The old refuge – the one that goes back centuries as a hedge against European turmoil – appears to be receiving new attention as reflected in both the acqusition of physical coins and bullion and gold ETF shares.

Re-post from 11-29-2019

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