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Silver continues to outpace gold and has much more left in the tank

FX Street/Ross J. Burland/8-30-2019

“The first upside target [for silver] is the 23.6% retracement level at $22.15.”

USAGOLD note:  Some interesting technical analysis on silver centered around the Gold to Silver ratio.

Chart of gold-silver ration, now roughly 83 to one

Chart courtesy of

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World’s top wealth manager urges clients to sell stocks

Financial Times/Richard Henderson

Image of UBS logo – Union Bank Switzerland“UBS Wealth Management, which oversees $2.5tn for rich clients, has trimmed its core equity recommendation to an ‘underweight’ position for the first time since the height of the eurozone crisis in 2012, on worries that the ongoing trade war and slowing global growth increase the risk of owning stocks.”

USAGOLD note:  Over the weekend, we had central bank leadership telling the world that there was not much it could do to counter the ill effects of the trade war.  We even had one prominent central banker – Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of England – surprise the financial world by suggesting that perhaps it was time to look for alternatives to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. UBS’ sell recommendation looks to be a reaction to the negative sentiment global leaders projected at the Jackson Hole and Biarritz meetings this past weekend.

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Silver scramble erupts on gold gains as investors play catch-up

Bloomberg/Justina Vasquez/8-28-2019

Photo of silver bars with chart in background
“Investors holding ‘poor man’s gold’ are suddenly a lot richer, and silver’s rally may still have room to run.”

USAGOLD note:  We spend much time on gold and precious little on silver.  That is because of the dearth of news and opinion on the sometimes forgotten member of our dynamic duo. This article fills the void – at least for today . . .

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Gold hasn’t done this in 13 years, and it could put the rally on ice

CNBC/Keris Lashiff/8-28-2019

“’One of the things that 2019 will be known for is the end of the eight-year bear market in gold and the beginning of a new bull market,’ Maley said Tuesday on CNBC’s Trading Nation.

USAGOLD note: This article appeared at the CNBC website before yesterday’s sell-off so, we thought we would post it for your consideration.  It stresses any pullback as one within an overall bull market. It also cites the longer-term attributes of gold ownership in the current market environment.

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Why record low bond yields could keep heading lower as market fears ‘disaster scenario’

CNBC/Patti Domm/8-28-2019

Graphic image of hour glass with gold dust inside“‘The disaster scenario is if yields fall dramatically from here,’ said one strategist. ‘Hypothetically, if the trade situation intensifies, if maybe Hong Kong goes badly and Brexit seems like it results in a hard exit … then what you probably get is a massive rally again in Treasurys.’”

USAGOLD note: As yields are driven ever closer to and possibly through zero, no one is sure of the ramifications to the rest of the financial markets.  “Been there, done that” does not apply as the United States has never been there, never done that.  Vulnerabilities abound.

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Hedge funds go all in on gold as ‘currency wars’ lift haven buys

Bloomberg/Justina Vasquez

Graphic image of gold anchor“Gold’s spectacular rally is just getting started if hedge funds have their way. Prices are already at the highest in more than six years, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. predict bullion could climb about 6% to $1,600 an ounce in as little as six months. Money managers are going all in, raising their wagers on a rally to the highest since 2016.”

USAGOLD note:  We have reported consistently on institutional accumulation of gold over the past several months.  This report provides an update of the trend.  It is alive and well on Wall Street and tells why some of the larger institutions are predicting even better days ahead.

Re-post 8-12-2019

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Central banks can’t save the world economy

Bloomberg/Michael McKee, Rich Miller and Matthew Boesler

Graphic image of Humpty Dumpty clinging to wall, antique“‘We are experiencing a period of major political shocks,’ Lowe said, citing developments in the U.S., Brexit, Hong Kong, Italy and elsewhere. ‘Political shocks are turning into economic shocks.'”

USAGOLD note:  A few discouraging words are heard from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In general, the message has been that the central banks have limited ability to deal with the politically generated economic problems at hand – problems that could get worse before they get better. We invite you to take a closer look at the image above from a 1913 edition of Puck magazine. History rhymes. . . .

Related:  Gold rally just got what traders said it needed – a new catalyst/Bloomberg/Justina Vasquez and Yvonne Yue Li/8-23-2019

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U.S. yield inversion deepens, stokes recession fears

Reuters/Richard Leong/8-27-2019

“The U.S. yield curve inversion deepened on Tuesday to levels not seen since 2007, rekindling fears of a looming recession that spurred a sell-off on Wall Street and stoked even more safe-haven demand for government bonds.”

USAGOLD note:  The growing consensus is that the yield inversion are not like to go away anytime soon. . . . .In fact, top bond market analysts are forecasting it could plunge even further below the zero line as safe haven demand for sovereign debt grows.

Line chart showing 10-year Treasury yield minus 2-Year Treasury yield below zero

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Fed rejects using ‘political considerations’ to set policy

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Charlie Munger: Be afraid when a democracy thinks it can print money to solve all its problems

CNBC/Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

Image of printing press producing sheet of $100 bills“‘I am so afraid of a democracy getting the idea that you can just print money to solve all problems. Eventually I know that will fail,’ Warren Buffett’s longtime investing partner told CNBC’s Becky Quick in an interview. ‘You don’t have to raise taxes, you just print.’”

USAGOLD note:  The next thing you know Buffett and Munger will be stocking up on gold [smile]. . . . . . .

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Pound falls on report queen could be asked to suspend parliament

Bloomberg/Charlotte Ryan and Anooja Debnath/8-28-2019

“Sterling was the worst performer among major currencies while U.K. government bonds rallied as the market reacted to the threat of a no-deal Brexit increasing.”

USAGOLD note: One would think that the plunging pound would serve as further inducement for gold ownership among British investors.

Chart of gold in British pounds, year to date, shows rising priceGold – British Pound (Year to Date)
Chart courtesy of •••
[Click to enlarge]

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Central banks just love gold and its going to stay that way says ANZ Bank

Bloomberg/Jake Lloyd-Smith, Ranjeetha Pakiam, and Abhishek Vishnoi/8-26-2019

“A major gold-buying spree by central banks is likely to persist in the coming years, according to Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., which flagged the potential for further purchases by nations including China.”

USAGOLD note:  It used to be that central banks were net sellers of gold and that tended to influence prices to the downside.  Now central banks have become net buyers as shown in the chart below:

Bar chart showing Official Sector gold sales and purchases, central banks become buyers in 2011


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China’s Zhaojin Mining eyes doubling of gold output via overseas M&A – executive

Reuters/Tom Daly and Shivani Singh/8-25-2019

Graphic image of gold pice and shovel“‘Our priority is Australia,’ Zhao told Reuters in an interview, adding that his firm was setting up an office in Perth. ‘We are looking for M&A opportunities in Australia, as well as in Canada but the problem in Canada is the political tension’ with China, he explained.”

USAGOLD note:  One wonders how much of that production will end up on the world market and how much within China’s borders as national reserves.

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Trump, trade war, Powell: More upside for gold prices?

Market Realist/Anuradha Garg/8-26-2019

photo of stack of gold kilo bars“Since the end of May, gold prices have risen about 20%. So, investors might be wondering if it’s still a good time to buy gold. Given the market’s uncertainty, trade tensions, lower interest rate expectations, and political uncertainty, gold might still have a lot of upside left.”

USAGOLD note: Question: What do Gundlach, Dalio, Mobius, Druckenmiller, Tudor-Jones, Einhorn, Sawriris, Singer and Kaplan – some of the greatest financial minds of a generation – all have in common? Answer: An attachment to gold and its presence in their personal financial holdings.

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Hedge funds aren’t betting on a recession, Goldman data show

MarketWatch/Chris Matthews

Graphic image of circle of multi-colored arrows denoting cycle“Hedge fund investors don’t buy the idea that the U.S. economy is headed for a recession in the near term, according to data from Goldman Sachs. The bank studied the holdings of 835 hedge funds with $2.1 trillion of gross equity positions at the start of July, and found that overall these funds are overweight cyclical sectors . . .”

USAGOLD note:  An interesting take on invesment flows from Goldman Sachs and an indicator contrary to prevailing opinion. . . .Goldman also says hedge funds are underweight “defensive” stocks.

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Fed minutes hint at coming QE

ZeroHedge/Tyler Durden

Graphic image of 'QE4?' in red“In their discussion of policy tools, participants noted that the experience acquired by the Committee with the use of forward guidance and asset purchases has led to an improved understanding of how these tools operate; as a result, the Committee could proceed more confidently and preemptively in using these tools in the future if economic circumstances warranted.” (FOMC minutes, July 30-31, 2019)

USAGOLD note: “In other words,” writes Durden, “Trump should keep up his high-pressure campaign on Powell: it appears to be working.”

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US budget deficit forecast to swell to $960bn by end of 2019

Financial Times/James Politi

photo of elephant facing camera, the elephant in the room“Budget agency chief says debt is on ‘unsustainable course’ and rising faster than expected.”

USAGOLD note: 
And keep in mind that this number occurs in the absence of a recession. . . . .The national debt remains the elephant in the room.

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The Fed needs to radically change policy and start printing money

MarketWatch/Steven Ricchiuto

photo showing the printing of sheets of dollars“Similar to the late 1970s when then Chairman Paul Volcker faced a stagflationary environment which weakened confidence in the Fed’s ability to deal with the growing imbalances in the economy, Mr. Powell, you are now confronted with an equally challenging, deflationary economic environment. The key to breaking out of this deflationary downward spiral of interest rates is to target inflation by expanding the Fed’s balance sheet — in other words, print money.”

USAGOLD note:  Ricchiuto is an economist with Mizuho Securities.

Repost from 8-27-2019 (USAGOLD note:  Some would say that what Ricchiuto suggested is what the Fed is now doing.

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What money ought to be

Cartoon image of Dr. MoneyWise at the podium delivering a lecture“Oresme wrote that it is ‘disgraceful and everywhere foreign to the nobility of a prince to prohibit the circulation of good money in his country, and, for the sake of gain, to order and even compel his subjects to use his own which is poorer, as if to say that good is bad and his bad is good.’ He was flexible in case of emergencies, such as during periods of war, or to pay ransoms with ‘bad’ or debased money, or to help liberate a kidnapped king. But the bishop added, ‘If the community should in any way make such an alteration, the money ought to be restored to its proper basis as soon as possible, and the making of gain in that way should cease.’” – Alejandro Chaufen, Forbes

Dr. MoneyWise says. . . This essay cites notables on the subject of money – Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Copernicus – to name a few.  All had similar views.  It talks about what money ought to be, the right and wrong of it, and ends up with a couple words on Bitcoin – caveat emptor.

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Kyle Bass on where the global economy is headed: ‘This is insane’

MarketWatch/Shawn Langlois

photo of printing press rolling out sheet of $100 bills“‘The unintended consequences of central bank printing are that it makes the rich even richer, it makes the middle class stay where they are and it makes the poor stay poor,’ Bass explained to CNBC.”

USAGOLD note:  That about sums it up. . . .Kyle Bass, by the way, is a long-time advocate of gold ownership.

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