Tumbling bond yields kindle investor demand for gold

Financial Times/Henry Sanderson/7-19-2019

“These days, the conversation is changing as fears rise about the fate of the global economy and bond yields continue to fall — pushing the total amount of bonds that provide a negative yield to almost $13tn by the latest count, up from $6tn in October, according to data from Barclays. The correlation between the growing volume of negative-yielding bonds and the rising value of gold is striking.”

USAGOLD note:  In a world where bond yields are sinking and could sink below zero, gold’ appeal rises for reason that go beyond its safe-haven, store-of-value attributes.  This article explores in some detail that aspect of gold’s strong performance over the past month and a half and well worth the visit for those contemplating gold ownership or those looking for a good reason to add to their holdings.


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