The fracturing of the global economic consensus

Financial Times/Opinion/Rana Foroohar/7-7-2019

“Markets may have rallied on Donald Trump’s potential trade ‘deal”’with China, but the corporate world isn’t buying it. That’s one of the key points I took away from several days spent last week at a summit for global chief executives. They were busy preparing for a new world order that many believe will involve a stand-off not between two countries (the US and China) but between three systems — liberal democracy and free markets, state-run capitalism and cyber-libertarianism.”

USAGOLD note:  Foroohar offers a fascinating delineation of the forces at work in the global economy and financial markets centered around the three “systems” mentioned above.  She talks about things we should all be thinking about.  We have not seen an analysis similar to this anywhere else.  This is good stuff . . .

Repost from 7-8-2019

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