Gold has the potential to go parabolic

Seeking Alpha/Andrew Hecht

“I find that for me, being a history buff makes it almost impossible not to be a believer in the metal that has been a fixture and sign of value and wealth since ancient times. I am a gold bug and have been since I first started in the commodities business in the early 1980s. There is no other asset that gives a person the same feeling than gold. Holding a kilo bar of the yellow metal is a feeling that no other investment can elicit.”

USAGOLD note:  One of the first memories I have of my years in the gold business is holding twenty Austrian Coronna gold pieces in my hand and thinking – “This is only $2,000?” That was in 1973. Of course, now that same twenty coins is worth almost fourteen times that and it still seems too few dollars for so much gold.

Repost from 6-30-2019

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