‘You cannot be serious. . . .’

Blain’s Morning Porridge/Bill Blain

On the other side of the pond, it’s a Wow on Bunds…. Spectacular gains y’day taking the 10-year Bund rate to -0.33% after Mario Draghi talked about immediately lower rates, reopening QE and using all the unused A380s Superjumbos to drop wads of money across Yoorp. Spain bond buyers now get a gnat’s crotchet of positive yields, while Italy is just over 2%! Trump immediately tweets branding Draghi an unfair currency manipulator. Draghi looks at the miserable German ZEW and wonders why Donald doesn’t get on an do his own job… (Good to know Trump is on the ball and watching everything… everything.. (Crashing Minor Chords! Note to self – buy Treasuries and Gold).”

USAGOLD note:  Mr. Blain’s latest insights on the value of money, gold and other things rattling around the financial markets. . . . . . .Have to smile at his Note to self.  Like Stanley Druckenmiller he has taken an interest in safe havens.  Is your piggy bank in the crosshairs?

Repost from 6-20-2019

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