Lombardi Letter: ‘Don’t rule out gold going to $2000 per ounce’

Lombardi Letter

“Gold prices could outperform a lot of assets in the coming months. In fact, don’t rule out gold going for even $2,000 per ounce.The case for owning gold keeps getting stronger. You really potentially be making a big mistake if you ignore the yellow precious metal. Why be so bullish on gold? Well, there are a few factors that could raise the price of gold, including uncertainty, volatility, low interest rates, and money devaluation. And right now, a lot of these factors are coming into play, which could lead to gold prices skyrocketing.”

USAGOLD note: The influential Lombardi Letter weighs in on gold.  The downside, it says, could be “very small” and the upside “immense.”

Repost from 6-19-2019

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