Metals Focus says two to three year bull market for gold ‘to start in late 2019’

Bullion Vault/Adrian Ash

“‘For much of 2018, investors tended to focus on other, higher-yielding asset classes [than gold],’ says a note from specialist analysts Metals Focus, ‘but we do expect this position to gradually change, especially during the latter part of 2019…[as] a slowdown in the US economy will encourage the Fed to adopt a far more dovish stance towards its interest rate policy.’ Forecasting that ‘a bull market in gold [will] emerge from late 2019 onwards,’ Metals Focus think that uptrend will then ‘remain in place for two to three years.'”

USAGOLD note (12-19-2019):  Adrian Ash passes along another positive reading for the yellow metal for 2019, this time from London’s Metals Focus.

USAGOLD note (3-15-2019):  This prediction from Metals Focus in December appears to have been prescient and unfolding on a timeline much sooner than originally anticipated. On December 19, the date Metals Focus released their study, gold was trading in the $1240 range.  It reached $1340 February 19th, two months later, and is hovering now in the $1300 range.

Repost from 12-19-2018

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