Silver, not gold, is the portfolio insurance to buy now

MarketWatch/William L. Silber

“Today, fear of a financial collapse has receded, and so have the prices of both precious metals. Gold sits at about $1,300 and silver languishes a little above $15. Is it time to buy at these bargain prices? The answer is yes, especially silver, but not for the reasons you think.”

USAGOLD note:  We at USAGOLD have long advocated adding silver to the mix for portfolio insurance purposes especially at times like the present when the gold-silver ratio is high (now 85 to 1).  At the same time, we do not advocate silver at the exclusion of gold, but more as an adjunct through which the investor conceivably can get more bang for his or her buck if silver outperforms gold to the upside.

Image courtesy of © Degussa Goldhandl 2019

Repost from 4-3-2019

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