American Eagle gold and silver coin sales up sharply over last year

(USAGOLD-April 1, 2019) – The U.S. Mint reports sales of American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins running well ahead of last year’s pace at the end of March. Gold Eagle sales were up 33.3% over last year’s first quarter performance while Silver Eagle sales were up 37.9% over the same period.  Month over month, Gold Eagle sales were more than three times higher than sales from March of last year.  Silver Eagle sales were down 7% when compared to March of last year. Many analysts consider bullion coin sales a bellwether for interest in the precious metals. This year’s strong uptick indicates increased activity among American investors interested in including gold and silver in their holdings as safe-haven hedges and an underpriced asset class.

Repost from 4-3-2019

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