Sentiment speaks: Metals are presenting a buying opportunity

Seeking Alpha/Avi Gilburt/4-3-2019

“But, I think silver has been providing us with the clearest indications in the metals market. It had me looking higher as we caught that bottom in November of last year, and it had me looking for a pullback when we were topping out at the end of January. In fact, even in the smaller degree moves, we caught the top in silver last week, and have been looking down for a drop since then. But, now, silver is providing us with a bottoming indication rather than a selling indication.”

USAGOLD note:  Giving credence to Gilburt’s prediction, we have had an influx of investors in recent weeks buying silver coins (usually American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs) and bullion.  A good portion of the volume is from investors buying for their Individual Retirement Accounts and other retirement plans.

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