Gold’s parabolic uptrend remains intact

Clive P. Maund/Technical Analysis/3-3-2019

“The rather sharp drop in gold late last week, especially on Friday, came as something as a shock to many investors in the sector, yet as we will proceed to see it was set up to react back here or soon, and a period of consolidation or reaction at around this level will actually put it in a better technical condition to mount a sustainable breakout above the key $1400 level. On its latest 7-month chart the 1st point to observe is that gold is still well within our parabolic uptrend, whose lower boundary is coming into play and providing support, as is the rising 50-day moving average, with additional support being generated by premature sellers in the small Pennant pattern that formed during the first half of January. This is why it closed well off the lows on Friday, and why it could now resume the upward path again soon . . .”

USAGOLD note:  Clive Maund weighs in with expert technical analysis following Friday’s breakdown. . . . . .The chart pattern below depicts what he calls a “building parabolic slingshot”.

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