A 300-year lesson in bubble inflation

Reuters/Edward Chancellor

“The trouble is that modern central bankers have failed to heed the lessons of the Mississippi bubble. As one of Law’s biographers, Antoin Murphy, writes: ‘What central bankers are doing now is exactly what Law recommended … From this perspective, it may be argued that, notwithstanding the failure of the Mississippi System, Law’s banking successors have been Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi.’”

USAGOLD note: A little over a week ago, we compared Modern Monetary Theory to John Law’s failed fiat money experiment in France 300 years ago saying MMT was neither modern nor a theory. In this Reuters’ opinion piece, Edward Chancellor says we do not have to wait for MMT as John Law’s second coming. Chancellor warns “conjuring up limitless quantities of money” is one thing but returning to “normalcy” is quite another – an assessment borne out by the Fed’s current struggle with unwinding the great monetary experiment launched to counter the 2008 financial crisis.

Repost from 2-18-2019

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