Credit Bubble Bulletin’s Noland warns of QE4


CreditBubbleBulleting/Doug Noland/1-12-2019

“Bubbles are mechanism of wealth redistribution and destruction. This reality has been at the foundation of my ongoing deep worries for the consequences of history’s greatest global Bubble. We’ve witnessed the social angst, a deeply divided country and waning confidence in U.S. institutions following the collapse of the mortgage finance Bubble. I fear that the Bubble over the past decade has greatly increased the likelihood of geopolitical tensions and conflict. Aspects of this risk began to manifest in 2018, as fissures developed in the global Bubble. Geopolitical conflict is a critical Issue 2019. Trade relations are clearly front and center. Going forward, I don’t believe we can disregard escalating risks of military confrontation.”

USAGOLD note:  Noland says the “U.S. dollar has serious fundamental issues” and that the Fed will be forced “resort to QE when global markets “seize up.”

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