What’s different about gold this time around?

StreetwiseReports/Clive Maund/12-31-2018

“Let’s end on a positive note by saying that if you thought 2018 was bad, wait until you see what a terrible year 2019 will turn out to be. By ‘positive note’ we mean that although most investors will end up losing a lot of money in 2019, it won’t include us and doesn’t have to include you. On a general level, if you buy the precious metals sector here or soon, and dump most everything else, you should come out on top by the end of the next year, and handsomely so in many cases.”

USAGOLD note:  Basic advice to start the year from one of our favorite tech analysts.  Clive Maund is based in the UK and got his start doing analysis for funds and institutions in the City of London

Repost from 1-2-2019

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