How much gold does China have? A lot more than you think

MoneyWeek/Dominic Frisby/12-12-2018

“Next time the international money system comes under stress – and that time may not be far away – where the gold is, and who owns it, could be of great importance. You may think gold is an antiquated asset, irrelevant to a modern digital world. China clearly doesn’t. Since the global financial crisis, China has been accumulating gold at a staggering pace.”

USAGOLD note:  This article by Dominic Frisby gets your attention and keeps it.  It also comes to an interesting conclusion centering around the self-explanatory chart from our old friend, Nick Laird (GoldChartsRUs) immediately below.  China – people, banks and government – is quietly accumulating itself into a very good financial position – over 14,000 tonnes cumulatively as of 2015.  The pool has grown even larger over the last three years.

Chart courtesy of GoldChartsRUs

Repost from 12-18-2018

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