Italy: A brewing storm within the EU

Mises Institute/Claudio Grass/12-12-2018

“Since the release of the draft withdrawal agreement, largely perceived as a victory for the EU, those who support the European project and believe in a strong leadership from Brussels have projected confidence and optimism for the future. According to these voices, the divisions caused by the rise of nationalism and populism in the past years are healing, the relationship between member states is normalizing, while a future of stability and harmony awaits. However, such a vision might prove naive, as it discounts a much greater risk to the EU than Brexit ever was: the political and economic powder keg that is Italy.” [Emphasis added.]

USAGOLD note: Swiss investment advisor Claudio Grass offers some perspective on Italy and the future of the European Union.  He ends with this quote from Dr. Anthony Sutton: “Those entrapped by the herd instinct are drowned in the deluges of history. But there are always the few who observe, reason, and take precautions, and thus escape the flood. For these few gold has been the asset of last resort.”

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