We now carry the new silver Krugerrand


Available online HERE

Or by calling the
1-800-869-5115 X100
(8am to 7pm weekdays MT)

In August 2018, for the first time in it’s 50+ year history, the South African mint released a Silver Krugerrand.  A one ounce coin minted to a purity of .999, the Silver Krugerrand mirrors it’s gold counterpart, with the reverse featuring the springbok and the obverse the bust of Paul Kruger, who played a significant role in South Africa gaining independence from Britain in the late 1800’s.  Offered at a slightly lower premium to the popular American Silver Eagle, the Silver Krugerrand is an attractive option for those looking to procure silver through one ounce government minted coins, at a slight lower cost per ounce.  Add in the intrigue of ‘first year of issue’, and these are a great option for building a position in silver, especially at current prices.

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