“Silver technicals so ridiculously positive, you may wonder if there’s catch”


“Note how in the previous couple of cycles (early and late 2017) the speculators’ net positions got close to zero but then bounced back quickly to the more normal net-long. But in the current cycle they’ve been net-short for most of the past two months. This has flummoxed industry analysts and led to some silver-to-the-moon predictions which, based on the rising volatility in the broader financial markets, are at least plausible.” – CommodityTradeMantra.com

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by Jonathan Kosares, USAGOLD

Once upon a time, investors would routinely ask the question ‘What’s the best 5-year investment out there right now?’. And while this question is still important to some, for most, the same instant gratification impulse-based emotions that dominate daily life are now governing investment strategies. Quite simply, if an investment isn’t all over the place, it isn’t ‘exciting’ enough. Look no further than the crypto-currency craze. I’ll concede, reflecting on a ‘five year investment’ doesn’t get my heart pounding. But then again, I, for one, prefer my investments not keep me awake a night. So to me, this question, that has been notably absent in our current investment analysis climate, is the very question everyone should be asking right now, and quite ironically, if the answer does what it could, it might be just the thing that ultimately gets your heart really pounding…

So let’s do that…let’s ask that question… ‘What’s the best 5-year investment out there right now?”

Well, the stock market is stagnant after peaking out in January – and downside remains the path of the least resistance. We may very well be staring down a landscape much like the 2001-2011 period in which stocks, after a large rise, tracked lower before getting clobbered in 2008. Stocks did subsequently rise again, but ultimately ended an entire decade at the same level as the peak achieved in 2001. Property is arguably fully valued in most markets, if not a bubble again, stoked by yet another cheap-credit/leverage induced boom over the past five years. With interest rates rising, it’s hard to see a world where property value increase continues unabated. The bond market is stuck in ‘no-man’s land’, teetering on the brink of a true bear market. It’s going to be a long time before yields are sufficient to attract capital simply to earn interest, and yet still far too low to make any meaningful money playing the premiums in bond funds.

You can probably guess where this is headed…Gold, of course, but even more so of late, and the subject of this offer, Silver.

The current ratio of gold to silver of nearly 80:1 is within throwing distance of most undervalued condition in the market’s history. Even a return to the historic average of 62:1 would have remarkable implications for the silver price. In fact, widely read technical analyst Clive Maund called the current silver market ‘The most bullish set up for silver that I have ever seen.”

I’ll routinely sit down with clients and run a few hypotheticals (a picture is worth 1000 words) – I think you’ll quickly see why so many have ended these conversations with a single word, “Wow”.

Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach recently said he wouldn’t put it past gold to rise $1000 per ounce in the near future. BOA/Merril Lynch recently predicted a rise to $1450 or higher by year’s end. Many others have predicted rises anywhere from $1500-$1900 per ounce. So for the sake of this presentation, let’s pick a gold price of $1600 per ounce. I don’t think you’ll have much argument from anyone that $1600 is certainly possible, if not this year, in the next five.

Here’s what silver would do if:

The ratio improved to is historical average of 62:1
Gold $1600 divided by 62 = spot silver price of $25.80
(That’s a 50+% increase from current prices)

The ratio improved to it’s bull market level average (2010-2012) of 50:1
Gold $1600 divided by 50 = spot silver price of $32
(That’s basically a clean double from current prices)

And last, the ratio improved to its bull market peak of 34:1 (May 2011)
Gold $1600 divided by 34 = spot silver of $47
(That’s roughly triple current prices)


And if you really want to make your head spin, run some hypotheticals at $2000 gold…

Which leads us to our May offer…handsomely discounted Silver American Eagles (40¢ per ounce) offered at the current cycle low spot silver prices, making this the best accumulation opportunity in silver eagles this year. And that’s not an exaggeration. Only 5000 coins available at this price. Free Shipping on orders of 500 ounces or more.

Here is a graph displaying the divergence between gold and silver as it has developed over the past year.

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