Just released! News & Views – July 2016 Issue

Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis on the  Economy and Precious Metals

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We released this month’s newsletter in the clear and it is now being re-posted and linked at various sites on the world wide web. In keeping with that decision, the link above will take you to this month’s full issue.

The July issue offers much to consider. A top official verifies that 96% of Shanghai Gold Exchange contracts settle with delivery of real, physical metal.  At the same time, the equivalent of 90% of annual global mine production ends up within China’s borders. We explore the impact of these numbers on the global gold market. We also cover China’s eye-opening foray into the silver market, the real impact of Brexit on the gold market, and the restraints of the national debt on interest rate policy . . . All in all an enlightening edition for those who like to dig below the surface

Enjoy!  And a happy Fourth of July to all. . . .


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“It has been said many times that in the absence of a gold standard, the judicious thing to do is to put one’s self on the gold standard by purchasing physical gold coins and bullion. It is a matter of more than passing interest that two of the most respected central bankers in the present era – two individuals with an intimate knowledge of the workings of the contemporary global economy – would resolve the complexities involved by suggesting gold as a workable option for private investors.”

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