Icahn video – Danger ahead


Video/You Tube/ 9-29-2015

“It’s not will it happen, but when it will happen.” – Carl Icahn

MK note: I would like to add my endorsement of Carl Icahn’s video presentation to Pete’s (below).  The title for the video is “Danger Ahead” and in it Icahn delivers a chilling analysis of where the actions of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and America’s major businesses are likely to lead us.  He also offers some ideas as to what can be done to alter the financial situation, i.e., “the dysfunction,” as he calls it, prominent in Washington and in America’s corporate boardrooms.  Icahn notes that financial leaders in 2007 and 2008 did not warn the people and he wants to make sure that this time around financiers in the know, people like himself, fulfill their responsibility to get the word out and give investors time to act.

This is the man Donald Trump has named publicly as his choice for Secretary of the Treasury if he is elected president.  Icahn came out recently as endorsing Trump for president.  In this video he says Trump will wake up the country as to what’s going on and likens him to Teddy Roosevelt – someone who is not afraid to say “this is complete bullshit.”

If you decide to take Icahn’s advice to prepare, you should not just consider what you might want to sell, but what you might want to buy.  If gold and silver come to mind, so should USAGOLD.  Helping investors properly balance their portfolios is is what we are good at.  Call the Trading Desk to have your questions answered, receive the proper advice for your particular situation.

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