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Discussion Topics -- November 16, 2010
QE2 + G20 = Bright Future for Gold

(Nov. 12th discussion) -- The election results haven't changed anything fundamentally for gold, except perhaps tying up fiscal policy through bipartisan gridlock, leaving the blunt instrument of monetary policy as the primary focal point for the next couple years. The Fed announced a new $600 billion program of quantitative easing with a stimulative objective of boosting inflation through an increase in money supply and a devalued dollar. Members of the G20 are subsequently faced with the threat of inflation as greater inflows of hot money begin chasing higher yields than are available within the U.S. The dollar-depressive QE2 program not only erodes the U.S. credibility as an innocent party in the international currency manipulation debate, it also erodes the dollar's standing as a worthy reserve asset. Featuring Pete Grant, Jonathan Kosares and George Cooper.

Figure 1
3-yr bond spreads


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