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Coins & bullion since 1973


Because everyone should own a little gold and silver

Ever since USAGOLD first established a presence on the Internet in 1997, we’ve offered a SMALL ORDER DESK for orders under $5000 even as most of our national competitors maintained a high, strict minimum.

Why did we buck the norm?  For two good reasons –

First, we believe that you do not need to be a member of “THE ONE-PER CENT” to understand and reap the benefits of owning precious metals.  Everyone should own a little gold and silver.

Second, we know from direct experience that those who start out at the SMALL ORDER DESK often end up, for one reason or another, at the LARGE ORDER DESK.  

We say, “bah, humbug” to the national gold firms that imperiously dictate a ten-ounce minimum gold order or 500 ounce silver order, and invite you to join us at our very busy, competitively priced, client-friendly SMALL ORDER DESK. Here you will find the same quality service, product line and guidance that the rest of our clientele enjoys.


New clients get acquainted offer
A free silver American eagle
with your first order of $1000 or more. . . .


Just mention that you saw this ad at the Small Order Desk


Starter Kit for the First-Time Investor


Our popular starter kit gives first-time investors an opportunity to set a foundation in their portoflio with a balanced approach to precious metalsownership. Products are offered below standard retail pricing, and delivery is free!