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Month after month and year after year, the world's mints continue to report record off-take of modern silver bullion coins. Whenever the economy or financial system receives a jolt, that demand multiplies to the point that the mints simply cannot keep up and are forced to ration production. The public has taken a shine to silver ownership and in the process elevated the metal's status to that of a highly sought-after safe haven asset. All in all, we believe the silver market at current prices offers an outstanding opportunity for long-term accumulators -- or stackers as they are called in the popular parlance. In 2015, we placed with our clientele nearly 300,000 modern one-ounce silver bullion coins and about 2500 stacker sets.

The World's Top Five Silver Bullion Coins
Silver Stackers Special

Special Incentive
100 one troy ounce coins silver spot + $3.25

Flat rate shipping $50 per order

Favorable pricing. Please call for quotes.
Volume discounts available for orders larger than the 500 coin lot.

Special Incentive
Order the 500 coin lot and receive a difficult to obtain 2016 China Silver Panda free!

Includes (left to right) - Kookaburra (Australia), Britannia (United Kingdom), Eagle (United States), Maple Leaf (Canada), Philharmonic (Austria), Maple Leaf (Canada)

All pure silver. All liquid. All IRA eligible. Gold/Silver ratio now favors silver. Stack for the future.