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3:46 am Tue. October 17, 2017




US Silver Dollar Hoard

AU/UNC Pre-1921 Morgan Dollars
Quantity Available: 2000 1100

AU/UNC 1921 Dated Morgan Dollars
Quantity Available: 2000 800

AU/UNC Peace Dollars
Quantity Available: 2000 1400

Pre-1921 Morgan Dollars
Mint State 64
Quantity Available:500 220

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May Special Offer
US Silver Dollar Hoard

US Morgan Silver Dollar

Peace Dollar

We recently uncovered an impressive hoard of historic U.S. Silver Dollars in the market. Silver Dollars are a favorite amongst precious metals owners who like to participate in both the rising price of silver, as well as the demand for physical silver itself. Because there is a finite number of historic silver dollars available in the market, when demand outstrips supply, the premiums the coins carry above and beyond their silver value can expand. Such expansion, when paired with an advancing silver price, produces what is, in essence, a 'double-barrel profit potential'.

For this special, we secured three large groups - 2000 each - of AU/UNC silver dollars (essentially the finest 'raw' grade – meaning the nicest coins that are not submitted to be officially encapsulated and graded). We have the highly coveted pre-21 Morgan Dollars (1878-1904 - $40/each), less expensive 1921 dated Morgans ($30/each) and then for the accumulation minded buyer, the least expensive of the group, the Peace Dollars (1921-1935 - $26/each).


United States Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Dollar


The real gem of this month's special though is an impressively sizable 500 coin lot of encapsulated choice grade Mint State 64 pre-1921 Morgan Dollars. MS64 Morgans are at an interesting place value-wise, trading only about $10 higher than the far more common MS63 coins, but at about half of the cost of an MS65. At a price per unit of $78, the 64 grade Morgan clearly trades more on scarcity/collector's value than underlying metal value, but remains an undervalued area of the market – and an exceptionally beautiful group of coins at that.

US Morgan Silver Dollar MS64


Silver demand has been skyrocketing of late, mostly because of the attraction to its potential to outperform gold. In a very general sense, silver is a faster mover than gold – rising more quickly when both rise, and falling more quickly when both fall. Silver's performance thus far this year is evidence of just that, having risen 24.25% since January 1st, versus gold at 20.25%. That's not to say the ship has sailed, either. With the current ratio at 74:1, and the average 15 year ratio at about 62:1, there is still plenty of room for silver to run. In fact, were silver to repeat its performance in 2011, the ratio could improve all the way to 40:1 or better (see graph below).

Gold silver ratio


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